What our athletes are saying.

I owe credit to my brother & sister-in-law  for getting me hooked up with you guys... I was looking for a way to get me more motivated & challenged, so I signed up for Winter Wander with them.  Then along came The O'Shenanigan.

But seriously, thank you all for your encouragement.  I am hoping to do many more challenges!  And I have signed up for my first 5K   I've just recently started adding some more pep to my step & adding in a slight jog... this is VERY new for me.  I've always been a reasonably paced walker, but running?!  WHAT?!  

Last thing - I joined Weight Watchers on 1/9/2020, so I've lost around 37-38 pounds since January (and probably 55 since January 2019!).  Now that the weight is off, I feel better, which makes it easier to MOVE!

Thanks again for everything!  Keep doing what y'all are doing, cause it's GREAT!

Heather, North Carolina