What our athletes are saying.

I owe credit to my brother & sister-in-law  for getting me hooked up with you guys... I was looking for a way to get me more motivated & challenged, so I signed up for Winter Wander with them.  Then along came The O'Shenanigan.

But seriously, thank you all for your encouragement.  I am hoping to do many more challenges!  And I have signed up for my first 5K   I've just recently started adding some more pep to my step & adding in a slight jog... this is VERY new for me.  I've always been a reasonably paced walker, but running?!  WHAT?!  

Last thing - I joined Weight Watchers on 1/9/2020, so I've lost around 37-38 pounds since January (and probably 55 since January 2019!).  Now that the weight is off, I feel better, which makes it easier to MOVE!

Thanks again for everything!  Keep doing what y'all are doing, cause it's GREAT!

Heather, North Carolina


I've been walking my miles these last few days reflecting on the positive impact you have had on my family's well being.  We experienced a tragedy in the winter of 2018 and were just coming out the other side when 2020 hit. We needed to find something positive to focus on, mark achievements and have community support.  Enter you all.

Your Winter Wander with its FB Group, fun swag and google mapping were just the thing to keep us going and now with the Shenanigans well, I'm sure you've noticed us posting and cheering the whole group!  We have also gotten our friends in on the challenges.  It really is a wonderful community!

No pressure, but please keep the fun coming!  It's not just the homeless and school libraries you are helping.