Give Full Send

At Full Send Racing we have a strong commitment to giving back to the communities where we work and play.  We believe in being part of something larger than ourselves and making a difference in our world.  Each of our Full Send Racing Events is connected to a charity partner.   Please check out our 2020 projects.

Eden Village

Eden Village of Wilmington will be a 32-unit tiny home community specially designed to provide permanent homes for chronically homeless individuals including patients of the local hospital. Many patients of the medical center experience chronic illness, which are treatable but require consistent living circumstances to improve treatment results. A home is an essential component to long-term health care for these individuals and a proven, permanent solution to chronic homelessness.

Fund Raising Goal - $40,000 for the completion of the Full Send House at Eden Village. 

Echo Haiti

ECHO Haiti is a Wilmington, North Carolina  based group who sponsors an orphanage and school in Bon Repos, Haiti.  We have been working closely with this orphanage for eight years and have seen huge improvements in the health and growth of the kids and community.  We provide food, housing and medical for the kids at the orphanage, plus we built them a school that also serves 70 other children from the community who would otherwise not be able to afford a school.  We have been wildly fortunate this past year and have been able to purchase the adjoining land to the school and orphanage.  This  will allow the  school to expand into high school age, vocational programs and serve more children and adults in the community.   In addition, it has provided more space for the children in the orphanage through renovations to the house and more room to expand.  Life is difficult in Haiti, especially for our kids.  Many have deceased parents, have been abandoned, or rescued from horrific situations.  In the orphanage, they all feel like a family, and are safe and secure.  Our desire is to be able to provide each of these kids with hope and the ability to spread their hope into Haiti.  We believe that by giving them a future, they will influence their community and country to grow and prosper.  Your donations will directly amplify hope of over 100 children in Haiti, plus it will provide salaries for Haitian teachers and workers, who will in turn be able to provide a more secure home for their families.  This is our ECHO.  We believe that helping our kids, helps a community, which ultimately helps a nation. Our goal is to make such a loud sound with these kids that it echoes throughout Haiti for generations.  Will you add to the ECHO?

Fundraising Goal:  $10,000

Wilmington Road Runners

Founded in 1977, the Wilmington Road Runners Club is one the oldest continuously operating clubs in North Carolina. Our 400+ members run the gamut from speedy racers to occasional joggers, bonded by the simple pleasure of putting one foot ahead of the other o the roads and trails of New Hanover County... and beyond.   Every year, The Wilmington Road Runners Club (WRRC) award two $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors in the Cape Fear region. 

Fundraising Goal:  $4000

Communities in Schools Cape Fear

Communities in Schools Cape Fear (CISCF) works in partnership with public schools to identify and connect students, many in jeopardy of dropping out, with the community resources they need to stay engaged in school.

CISCF offers programs in area schools and brings community resources, services, parents and volunteers together to help meet students’ needs.

We offer programs in After School, Non-Traditional Learning, Teen Parenting and Dropout Prevention.

CISCF always has a list of items needed to support our programs and our services to youth. In addition, cash donations are greatly appreciated and always go directly to the services we provide for our local youth.

Fundraising Goal:  $35,000

Hammer Out Pediatric Cancer

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Help us Hammer out pediatric cancer.  100% of donations will go toward pediatric cancer research and helping families that are fighting pediatric cancer.

Fundraising Goal:  $10,000

Rachel Freeman School of Engineering Library

Rachel Freeman School of Engineering is located in Wilmington, NC. Over 95% of students at Freeman are from economically disadvantaged homes. Less than 10% of the students are kindergarten ready when they start school.  Reading is essential in helping  students achieve their goals.  The Freeman library is in much need of current and engaging books.  Many of the current books are tattered and worn from over  20 years in circulation and the content is no longer current or relevant.  Would you consider buying a book to add to the Freeman Library collection.

Fundraising Goal:  $10,000

Food Bank of the Albemarle

The mission of the Food Bank of the Albemarle is to fight hunger and poverty in our 15-county area in northeast North Carolina.  In 2020 we funded two projects for Food Bank of the Albemarle.   

Total Donation:  $13,000

Cooler Expansion - Beaufort County
The cooler/freezer project in Beaufort County will allow the food pantry there to capture more fresh produce throughout the year from both the food sourced by local farmers, as well as retail donations by partners such as Food Lion and Walmart. The $8,000 of funding is the final push to complete this project.

Each year in northeastern North Carolina, approximately 44 Million lbs. of produce goes unharvested. Expansion of capacity and cooler space will allow this partner agency to receive and distribute more produce each year. 

The hunger-relief partner serves 6 counties in northeastern North Carolina, and before COVID was serving approximately 70-80 boxes of food per month. During COVID to present, they are serving 100 boxes each week to people in need. The effects of COVID has created unemployment at record highs, and is forcing many people to seek assistance today and we are expecting this continue for quite some time.

The cooler/freezer expansion is going to allow this food pantry to receive thousands of pounds of fresh produce and frozen meat each month for distribution. Capacity, especially cooler space, is one of the greatest restrictions that Food Banks and our hunger-relief partners have.

OBX Mobile Pantries
Food Bank of the Albemarle operates 3 mobile food pantries in the Outer Banks Area: Mann's Harbor, Manteo, and Colington. Each of these serves approximately 20-50 households each month. These mobiles support both local and seasonal workers and their families, all year long. COVID has forced much of the restaurant and hospitality industry to reduce their workforce.

The Giving Spoon

The Giving Spoon is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide hot nutritious meals to our community in a caring environment. This is a new endeavor to expand food resources and reduce hunger in Swain County. Meals are free and everyone is welcome. Our vision is that no one will go to bed hungry We are hopeful that the impact of increased food resources will lead to overall better health in our community.

Total Donated:  $5000